System Preferences - found in the Apple Menu Icon

  1. Desktop - where to find Desktop Pictures- Library/Desktop Pictures/Make a folder and give it a name
  2. Dock - set location and actions
  3. Spaces - Enable spaces and show spaces in menu bar
    1. Activate - F8
    2. Switch between spaces up arrow
    3. Switch directly to space up arrow and number of space
  4. Expose - bottom left start screen saver, bottom right
    1. All windows F9
    2. Application windows F10
    3. Show desktop F11
  5. BlueTooth is a short range wireless connection, about 30 feet. Turn off unless you are using it for something specific like transferring your phone contacts (if you have a BlueTooth cell phone) to your MacBook. Show BlueTooth in menu bar.
  6. Displays - Know your display write it down somewhere in case you need to reset it. Show in menu bar for quick access if you use a projector in class.
  7. Energy Saver
    1. computer to sleep - 1 hour
    2. display to sleep - 1 hour
    3. check put hard disk to sleep
    4. OPTIONS - check in Ethernet
    5. Check in show battery level in menu
  8. Printer settings - + to add a printer use the IP number issued for the printer you wish to use. See John or robin for this information.
  9. Sound - set sound type and levels or mute.
  10. Sharing - This is the name your computer use on the network. It should be your last name, except for common names like Martin, Little and Quinn.
  11. Accounts - Already set up that you are the main user and it should automatically log in to your partition.
    1. Change password and icon, click on the icon and a menu of other icon choices will appear.
    2. If you select Edit Pictures, you can take a picture of yourself with the built in camera as your icon.
    3. Check in Allow user to administer this computer.
    4. Log in Options - will allow your computer to automatically log in to YOUR user name if you do not want to type in password all the time.
  12. Parental Controls - Let's you manage another user's use of the computer, applications and the Internet. You should NOT set this.
  13. Software Update - can also be done from the blue Apple menu icon
    1. Check for updates - weekly
    2. Check to Download important updates automatically if you wish
  14. Speech - can set to have text to speech setting
  15. Start up disk - only used when you need to upgrade or reinstall system from a CD or DVD. Do NOT use Target disk mode.
  16. Time Machine - You may want to purchase a hard drive to back up all of your files and keep it at home. Time machine will keep copies of everything on your Mac. You may set it up to do a daily back up to that hard drive.
  17. Universal Access - This is where you can set the
    1. Voice to be ON
    2. Zoom into the screen when presenting
    3. Switch the screen to a "negative" look - white text on black background
    4. SmartBoard users - you MUST check enable access for assistive devices
  18. Other - SmartBoard - but it is better to do your settings in the SmartBoard Tools window.
    1. Add on programs will store their preference window here, like Flip4Mac WMV