August 2008

MacBook Tutorial

Care of case and screen:
  • Do not use any cleaner on the soft screen. We have purchased a special cleaner to use on your laptop. It is located in the library and you may use it at any time.
  • Do not use any household cleaners on the screen or case, ever!

  1. Outside - ports/connections
  2. Inside - RAM vs. hard drive space
  3. Settings - system preferences
  4. Video Tutorials

Software setting:
Microsoft Word - change the reference to save document as .doc
Airport - look in menu for the connection. Use UCFW01

What about all of those wires in the box?

There is a small corner of the power brick that comes off (by sliding it). Keep that small adapter in a drawer somewhere. Take the other power cord in the box and you will see a small silver piece that will slide back on to the brick. This makes your power plug twice as long.

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